Anakar family
Familial information
Family type

Crime family[1]

First known member(s)

Unidentified corrupt politician


Eruid Anakar[1]


Tiraid Anakar[1]

Notable family members
Known relatives

Clan Secura

Planet(s) of origin


Other locations

Nal Hutta

Historical information
Earliest galactic appearance

c. 3,832 BBY[2]


c. 3,632 BBY[1]

Other information

Old Republic era


Black Sun[1]

The Anakar family, or Anakar crime family, was a criminal organization set-up as a family based on Coruscant and Nal Hutta. Being long-time allies of Black Sun, the Anakars were dispatched to Hutta by the head-Vigo during the Cold War to help breakdown the Hutt Cartel from within. However, days before the Pawa Crisis began, the Anakars were attacked and fragmented by a highly-decorated war veteran sent by Kladak of the Cartel.


Founded around 3,832 BBY by a corrupted politician of the Galactic Republic,[2] the Anakar crime family quickly rose to power as one of the most powerful crime families in the galaxy. Almost two hundred years later, based on the galactic capital of Coruscant, the Anakars' powerful influence frightened the newly made Black Sun, which gathered together a council of the most powerful Vigos to concoct a plan to undermine the crime family.[2] In time, the Black Sun attacked the headquarters of the Anakars, threatening the lives of their leader, forcing them into an contract that would last until the Sun's destruction.[2]

Over the next two decades, the Anakars — still powerful, but weakened — continued to serve the Black Sun on Nal Hutta, where the family was then sent to try to help ruin the Hutt Cartel. After months of stealing potential members from the Cartel, crime lord Kladak trained and assigned a highly-decorated war veteran to take the family out.[1]

Family member Letzi conspired with Kladak to take down the Anakars' security grid and allow the veteran access into the stronghold. Eventually, the recruit managed to eliminate Oraos and Eruid before stumbling upon Zarna, who revealed that she was kidnapped by Oraos ten years prior and forced to become his wife. After hearing this, the recruit gave her the hiding place of her sister-in-law's, who also asked him to help Zarna, before freeing her.[1] The recruit then met up with Letzi who joined him in fighting and defeating Tiraid Anakar (the current patriarch of the family). After the death of her father, Letzi thanked the recruit in helping in the break-up of the crime family that she was born into before giving him credits and informing him that she would go and find Zarna, whom she would leave Hutta with her to find her family.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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