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Ans'iot was a female force-sensitive Rakatan Je'daii Master of the Je'daii Order and a former member of the Infinite Empire. She was the former apprentice of Selkath Je'daii Master Calleh, the mate of Naro, as well as the master of the Ongree Ar-Jill, ancestor of Jedi Master Pablo-Jill.

Formerly a member of the Infinite Empire, Ans'iot was exiled by her violent people when she tried to stop them from taking over force-sensitive planets. During her exile, she crash-landed on the planet of Tython, which was the homeworld of force-sensitives known as the Je'daii Order, who embraced the light side of the Force. Once she crash-landed on the planet, massive force storms erupted, due to the Rakatan ship that was corrupted by the dark side; thus, she was immediately apprehended by the Je'daii. Finding her to be not a threat, the Je'daii let her go and welcomed her into the Order. Ans'iot soon became the padawan of the Selkath Calleh, and soon became the master of the Ongree Ar-Jill.

During the Force War, Ans'iot fought her fearsome people the Rakata, alongside Xesh and several other Je'daii.


Early lifeEdit

Skal'nas: "Ans'iot, my dear child. You were once a great and powerful member of our empire, thriving amongst our kind. The darkness in you flourished, and you yourself could have overpowered the Over-Predor. Why not leave these lesser beings and help us dominant the galaxy? Join us, please."
Ans'iot: "Sorry, my dear Skal'nas. But I am not that person anymore, and neither should you. Your dark presence has disturbed numerous of systems, destroyed even more. Now, you must leave, or face the consequences."
Skal'nas and Ans'iot discussing her past.[src]

Born some years prior to the Old Republic on Lehon, Ans'iot was a force-sensitive, like the rest of her species, the primitive Rakata. Once a high-ranking member of the Infinite Empire, Ans'iot spoke out against her people and their actions, telling them to embrace the light side of the Force; this action prompted the Over-Predor to exile her to the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Soon, Ans'iot's ship crash landed on the completely force-sensitive world of Tython. Her ship's arrival on the planet caused giant force storms, devastating much of the planet. Realizing that her ship's dark presence had upset the balance of the light side, Ans'iot destroyed the ship with her powers and threw into the ocean, stopping the force storms. She was immediately apprehended by the Je'daii Order, who judged her. They soon found her to be not a threat to their Order's existence and welcomed her into the Order.

Ans'iot was taken in as the padawan of the Selkath Calleh, eventually completing her training. Soon, Ans'iot herself was a Je'daii Master and taught the Ongree Ar-Jill, ancestor of the modern-day Jedi Master Pablo-Jill.


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