Aratech Repulsor Company's Arrow-23 landspeeder was a fast, agile repulsorlift craft designed for the adventurer set and modified for combat use by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Aratech Repulsor Company's Arrow-23 landspeeder was an enclosed repulsorlift vehicle,[2] measuring 8.1 meters in length.[3] It was equipped with military-grade armor and windows that were blast-resistant that could withstand the force of a light blaster cannon.[2] The exterior was also resistant to animal attack.[4] Fast and comfortable,[2] the Arrow-23 could reach speeds of four hundred kilometers an hour, with a ground clearance of four meters.[3]

Standard Arrow-23s required only a single pilot,[2] could carry five passengers,[1] had a cargo capacity of eight hundred kilograms and carried consumables to last a day.[4] The craft retailed for between 10,000[2] and 10,800 credits when bought new,[3] and sold used for anywhere 3,400[3] and 8,000 credits. A high-end luxury model of the Arrow-23 was also produced which contained comfort features including an all-leather interior. These models sold for an extra 10,000 credits over the base price.[2]

Arrow-23s were regularly modified by their owners;[2] the speed and cargo capacity of the landspeeder, along with the ease with which it was modified, were qualities that endeared the craft to police forces and bounty hunters.[4] Individuals would install additions such as long-range comlinks, weapon racks, sleeping benches that could fold out of the fuselage, and even manually operated turret weapons.[2] If the vehicle was modified to carry weapons, they were manual turrets since the extra power drain to operate the weapon would diminish the vehicle's overall speed.[1] Arrow-23s serving in the Alliance to Restore the Republic were modified by installing a laser cannon and a concussion grenade launcher, and required a crew of two to operate, a pilot and a gunner.

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