The Bantha-class assault shuttle, also known as an Assault Carrier, was a shuttle developed by Mon Calamari and Sullustan engineers for the New Republic.


The Bantha-class assault shuttle was a large craft intended primarily for planetary assault missions and commando raids. It was heavily armed, mounting a pair Golan Arms quad turbolasers, and equipped with heavy armor and shields. It also possessed a hyperdrive, allowing the shuttle to be used for long-range missions without the assistance of a capital ship.

The Bantha-class shuttle was operated from a raised command pod on the port side of the ship's dorsal hull, and troops were carried in a lower hull with three large forward hatches. Commandos often jumped from these hatches to ground level during rapid assaults. Two long booms extended forward of the main hull. On the ground, the shuttle was balanced on a single oversized landing gear.

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