Battle of Hutt Grand Council Hall

Great Hutt War


815 ABY


Hutt Grand Council Hall, Kolluga's Palace, Nal Hutta


Hutt Empire


Archon Kzajin Tobilic Orro

  • 1 Archon†
  • 25 Empire soldiers
  • 25 Empire battle droids

Few, if any

Kzajin Tobilic Orro

Civilian casualties


A battle had taken place between the Clans of the Ancients and the rogue resurgent Hutt Empire. This battle took place in the Hutt Grand Council Hall in Kolluga's Palace around 815 ABY. The battle ended with the deaths of Archon Kzajin the Hutt.

The battleEdit

After the Battle of Kzajin's Palace, Archon Kzajin Tobilic Orro decided to attack the Hutt Cartel and the Hutt Grand Council at it's heart, the Hutt Grand Council Hall. Kzajin and the Hutt Empire marched to the burned-down city of Bilbousilga, where the Clans of the Ancients were meeting at. Kzajin's forces attacked the landing bay at Kolluga's Palace and fought there way to the Hutt Grand Council chambers, where the lordas of the Five Hutt families were at.

Kolluga and the others tried to make a deal with Kzajin, but to no avail. Kzajin had Arok's youngest child, whom he had kidnapped during the battle of Bilbousilga, brought in and was going to make Arok watch him kill Jugarro. However, bounty hunters hired by the Hutts came out of hiding to protect the Hutts. Kolluga then ordered Zola to kill Kzajin, so Zola threw at knife towards Kzajin's head, but, one of Kzajin's bodyguards used the force to stop the knife in it's path and threw it at the feet of Huva Corobb. The battle then continued and the Hutt's enforcers forced Kzajin and his forces outside of the chambers and onto the landing platform.

While the bounty hunters and the enforcers fought and chased the intruders, Kolluga, Arok, Oruba, Gorga, and Juvard Illip Oggurobb fled from the chambers, but not without Arok getting back his youngest offspring, whom had hidden from Kzajin when the battle continued. While escaping, Kolluga's tail had been caught on a falling ceiling-piece and was badly hurt. While the others left on their ships to get to their palaces, Kolluga stayed to go find his family and kill Kzajin if necessary. Kolluga fought his way to his throne room with his lightsaber and reached his family. His guards then took Kolluga's great-grandson and wife to their ship and waited for Kolluga. However, while Kolluga was making his way to the ship, Kzajin appeared and engaged in a duel with him, ending in Kzajin's death. After Kzajin's death, the remaining Hutt Empire forces were killed off and the battle was over.


After the battle, Kolluga had to rebuild many parts of Bilbousilga and his palace, specifically the Hutt Council chambers. Kolluga nearly went into bankruptcy with the funds the rebuilding project needed. Until the finished reconstruction of the chambers, the Hutt Council had to meet inside Arok's Palace for their meetings.


Hutt Cartel/Hutt Grand CouncilEdit