Bonadan was the chief port world of the Corporate Sector and the primary world in the Bonadan system, boasting 10 gigantic spaceports. It was a strip-mined planet at the end of the Hydian Way. The densely populated planet housed many exotic species from around the galaxy. Bonadanians found off-world were either from wealthy corporate families or those that had escaped the life of corporate servitude.


Bonadan's yellow, parched surface was heavily eroded, and its topsoil had been destroyed due to constant drilling and construction. The once-beautiful landscape was scorched and barren from years of strip-mining, pollution, and mismanagement. The remaining surface was covered with factories, refineries, docks, and shipbuilding facilities in ten spaceports, the largest being Bonadan Spaceport Southeast II.

A massive weather-control station lay in the mountains to the north of the main cities; it was used to generate sweeper storms that cleaned the polluted air. Despite this, foul smelling rain and pollution was widespread. Weapons were banned on Bonadan, and being caught by one of the omnipresent weapons detectors was grounds for immediate arrest. Newcomers were thoroughly scanned before landing.

From space, Bonadan was a yellow sphere covered with rust-red strips. It looked barren and parched, for whatever plant life not killed deliberately died due to careless mining operations, abundant pollutants, and simple neglect. The tortapo was some of the last surviving fauna on the planet.


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