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Ood Bnar
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6,000 BBY, Ryyk[1]


c. 2 ABY, Onderon[2]

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Urai Odea (Jedi apprentice)


Brui-Dra was a long-lived male force-sensitive Neti Jedi Master that was the founder of the Great Jedi Library on Byss prior to the Great Hyperspace War.

During the Battle of Byss, Brui-Dra was fighting alongside his lifelong friend, Konahrik Blujic Yulo, when an assault tank attacked his beloved library. During the ensuing duel between the tank driver, Naga Sadow, and Brui-Dra, the ancient Neti took out his lightsaber and fought him in an epic duel that been so great that there were/was panels underneath there feet breaking beneath them, also causing tremors. By the end of the duel, Brui-Dra was weakened, making him realize that he could never keep the Sith from taking a number of priceless and valuable artifacts unless he sacrificed himself; so, he metamorphosed into a tree, guarding the artifacts from the Sith Lord.

After being awakened from a thousands-year old slumber, Brui-Dra was reunited with his old friend Konahrik, whom returned his lightsaber to. Not long after that, during the Battle of Onderon, the Neti Jedi once again sacrificed himself for others by jumping in front of the Togruta Jedi Knight Ahsoka Nanostarter, who was about to be struck down by Darth Vader. In his dying moment, Brui-Dra's drained the remaining life that he had in himself into his dying friend Konahrik, finally becoming one with the Force.


Early lifeEdit

Great Hyperspace WarEdit

Galactic Civil WarEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

Brui-Dra, or at least the silhouette of his body, first appeared in the Rebellion's Rising issue of the Star Wars: Hutts comic book series, as part of a four-part storyline involving Kabbura Illip Happura, the Jedi, and the Galactic Civil War.

Brui-Dra's first sacrifice and the conditions of it are similar to that of another Neti during that same era named Ood Bnar.


Notes and referencesEdit

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