The Bulwark Mark III, also known as the Bulwark-class battle cruiser, was a massive warship manufactured by TransGalMeg Industries using an old Techno Union battleship model from the Clone Wars as a design basis. Outfitted with an extensive offensive arsenal, shielding, and carrying capacity, the 2,500-meter-long Bulwark Mark III was well suited for large-scale operations. During the Galactic Civil War, the Bulwark was one of the more heavily armored and durable vessels used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Later, in 25 ABY, during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the New Republic employed several Bulwarks in an operation to help evacuate citizens from the beleaguered planet Rychel, which had fallen under Yuuzhan Vong attack, and again during a blockade to defend the planet Shramar from Vong invasion.


The TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated Bulwark Mark III,[2] or Bulwark-class battle cruiser, was a massive,[1] 2,500-meter[2] capital warship designed for large-scale military operations. Although plagued by rumors of unreliable electronics and sensors, the Bulwark Mark III nevertheless boasted an extensive arsenal, shielding, and carrying capacity.[1] Armed with 1,250 turbolasers—500 fore, 150 aft, and 300 each port and starboard—and 600 ion cannons—200 fore, eighty aft, and 150 each port and starboard—and outfitted with a support complement of up to ten starfighter squadrons and four troop regiments, the Bulwark was a veritable mobile fortress.[5] Adding to its versatility, the immense battlecruiser was capable of making planetary landfall and disembarking ground forces.[3] The Bulwark was equipped with a hyperdrive system in addition to a basic sublight drive.

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