Desilijic Droidica
Organizational information

Kolluga Desilijic Fortiure

Led by

Kolluga Desilijic Fortiure

Major products

Droids; specifically protocal and war droids

Chronological and political information

Prior to 22 BBY (possibly 100 BBY)


Desilijic Droidica was a droid-manufacturing company that was founded by Kolluga the Hutt prior to 22 BBY, possibly in 100 BBY.

The company prospered greatly during the Clone Wars since both sides of the war needed droids. Kolluga, however, stopped working with the Confederacy after he learned the Dooku kidnapped his cousin and daughter in 22 BBY. Dooku's droid army suffered greatly from this loss and once tried to kill Kolluga to get back at him but failed.

Desilijic Droidica had a hard time in it's business during the Great Kajidic Wars and the Hutt-Black Sun War due to the leaders of the company being involved in the wars.

During the Galactic Civil War, Desilijic Droidica have it's full support to the Rebel Alliance, getting Kolluga and the companies secondary leaders under the Empire's wanted list.



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