Drogga the Hutt
Drogga Usilic Dee'chi
Biographical information



4,665 BBY, Hutta

Physical description



Hermaphrodite (masculine personality)


3.02 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Old Republic era




Drogga Usilic Dee'chi was a Hutt leader of the Usilic clan and the Hutt Cartel. He and the Cartel's wealthiest and most prominent members were forced to sign a treaty other safe passage off the planet Makeb.

However, when he arrived at his palace on Hutta he was assaulted by a hired mercenary after the lesser members of the Cartel found out about the signing of the treaty. However, the mercenary and his employer were arrested by local authorities on assault charges.


Drogga was born on the Hutt homeworld Nal Hutta in 4,665 BBY to the wealthy Usilic family, of which he became the leader of.

Drogga soon became one of the Cartel's wealthiest and most influential members up until the rise of Toborro the Hutt in 3,640 BBY. The Hutt Cartel's paranoid leader Toborro the Hutt branded Drogga and his fellow Hutts as traitors and was left to die on the doomed planet of Makeb. However Drogga and the other Hutts negotiated a treaty with the Republic in exchange for safe passage off the doomed planet. The Cartel then had to aid the Republic in their cause against the Sith Empire.

However, tensions had risen since the lesser members of the Cartel, of which none of whom were endangered by the events on Makeb and had no reason to sign the treaty. So, hostility and skepticism grew back home on Hutta for the leading Cartel Hutts and even got one of the leaders killed. So, when Drogga returned to his palace on Hutta, he was assaulted by a hired mercenary, but Drogga managed to survive. However, Drogga hired a private detective to find the mercenary and his employer to justice. So, the mercenary and the crime lord Jooga were arrested by local authorities.


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