Gibbela was a remote planet in the Atrivis sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories region that was inhabited by the Dazouri, a polymorphic sentient species. An agricultural world, Gibbela was selected for colonization by the Galactic Empire, and a small detachment was sent to the planet. However, after making first contact, one of the natives morphed into a vicious predator and killed the Imperial task force members.


Gibbela was a planet[2] that was located within the star system of the same name—a part of the Atrivis sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories region.[1] The planet was isolated and distant from even minor trade routes. The plains that covered much of the planet were home to a number of farms cultivated by the Dazouri, the planet's indigenous species. These crops included yellow stalks that were grown in circular gardens, and red crops that grew on thin shoots, protected by tripod supports. These were guarded by scarecrows.


Gibbela was inhabited by a species of humanoid polymorphs, the Dazouri. Covered in purple fur, these small beings transformed into vicious predators double their original size when angered.[3] In this form, the Dazouri had five sharp claws that were formidable weapons in close combat, capable of severing limbs. This ability meant most spacers avoided contact with the planet's inhabitants. The inhabitants of Gibbela lived in large cloth dwellings. Around these structures, they cultivated a variety of farming crops.


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