Giranat Empire
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King of Giranat[1]

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Before the Tho Yor Arrival[1]


The Giranat Empire, also known as Giranata Space, was a large empire based in the Giranata Sector in the Outer Rim. The empire was completely made up of the force-sensitive Giranata, whom were very powerful and intelligent beings, much like the Celestials, Gree, and the Kwa, all of whom had been rumored to have been created by the first Giranata — Ant'iok the Ancient.


Early historyEdit

Hundreds of thousands of years prior to the Tho Yor Arrival, around 1,000,000 BBY, Ant'iok the Ancient, the first of the Giranata, was believed to have created the force-sensitive Gree, Celestials, and the Kwa, all powerful species eventually "run-out of the galaxy" by the Infinite Empire of the Rakata.[1]


Ant'iok the Ancient, leader and founder of the Giranat Empire.

By 500,000 BBY, the Giranat Empire had become one of the largest empires in the Outer Rim, surpassing even that of the Gree and eventual Hutt Empires. However, by the 32,000s BBY, the Kwa visited the planet Lehon, homeworld of the Rakata, and spread the ways of the Force to the primitives beings.[2] The Rakata rebelled against their teachers, including the Celestials and the Giranata, roaming across the galaxy exacting fear throughout. The Infinite Empire built the Star Forge, which created massive ships that could invade force-rich worlds.[2][3] Eventually, the Giranata were forced to retreat to their homeworld, creating a Force-based shield which would protect against the Infinite Empire.[1] However, the Giranata's empire had suffered a huge loss when Giranatal, a major trading hub of the Giranat Empire, had been attacked and enslaved by the Rakata.[1] Once this happened, the Giranata king shut down the shield protecting Giranat, its sun, moon, and the rest of the system, and launched a full-scale attack on the Star Forge. During the attack, the Star Forge was badly damaged, forcing the Rakata to stop the battle and repair it, giving a huge win for the opposition to the Rakata.[1] However, while the fleet was traveling back to their homeworld, their planet was attacked by the Predor Skal'nas and his fleet, enslaving the entire system.[1]

For several thousands of years, the Rakata enslaved the Giranat Empire, slowly draining the light side of the Force out of their culture and invoking hatred and the dark side of the Force, which the Giranata had ever so tried to cast away.[1] However, the Giranata eventually realized that if they kept on invoking hatred towards the Rakata, then it would power and fuel their technology. So, they continued to embrace the light side of the Force and created a disease that nearly massacred the Rakata species and took away their force-sensitivity.[1]

Eventually, the war against the Rakata ended and the Giranata were once again able to control and rebuild their empire.

Civil warEdit


Notes and referencesEdit

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