Gonda the Hutt2
Gonda Chuba Kuna
Biographical information

Nal Hutta


800 BBY, Nal Hutta

Physical description



Hermaphrodite (masculine personality)


2.01 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information



Gonda Chuba Kuna was a masculine Hutt of the Chuba clan and a crime lord based on Tatooine and Nal Hutta.


Early Life (800-22 BBY)Edit

Gonda, who was born in 800 BBY on Nal Hutta to an unnamed Hutt, became a very well known Hutt among the Hutt Kajidics, especially clan Desilijic. Gonda was born into the Chuba clan and obtained a fair amount of wealth through the clan's leader and Gonda's aunt, Yarella the Hutt.

Shortly after Yarella had been killed in a duel with Durga Besadii Tai in 400 BBY, he killed Yarella's offspring and became the formal leader of the clan.

At first, Gonda had sent his clan into debt, but learned a few things from Jabba Desiijic Tiure, and regained the money he cost the clan. Gonda became a very respectable member of his clan and he had many supporters as leader during his reign. However, Gonda would be accident-prone and was once almost killed by Doctor Ebor Illip Oggurobb for buying a non-unique plant instead of a rare plant that had died but Gonda gave Ebor the other plant.

Clone WarsEdit

File:Gonda at the slave auction.jpg

During the Clone Wars, Gonda was a member of the Hutt Cartel ruling council on Nal Hutta and had a heavy weight on the council, though not as heavy as Kolluga's. Around 20 BBY, Gonda went to one of the Desilijic Slavers Empire's slave auctions on Nal Hutta and bought several Twi'leks and Togrutas, even a few Ithorians.

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