Hammer Shark
Hammer Shark
Biological classification


Physical characteristics
Average length

4.9 – 8.2 ft (largest is 14 ft.)

Skin color
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
  • Stripes
Eye color
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Hammer-like head
  • Shark
Sociocultural characteristics




  • Fish
  • Plants (rarely)

The hammer shark was a shark that interbred on Inqua. It was bred from the Frist shark and another unknown shark from Inqua.

When Trandoshans came to Inqua, they brought the Frist shark, a deadly and viscous shark hailing from the planet Trandosha. The Frist shark bred with another shark while on Inqua and it created the hammer shark. After seeing the hammer sharks and seeing the resemblance between it and their shark goddess, Sharkla, the Inque cherished the sharks and chased the Trandoshans off the planet. Afraid that the Frist shark species would kill the hammer sharks due to it's aggressive behavior, the Inque made sure that there were would be no more Frist sharks by rounding them up and killing them.

Ever since the creation of the hammer sharks, the Inque have named numerous of things and places after them. Such as one of their moons, Nal Sharka, their cities, Sharkla and many others. The hammer sharks had became one of Inqua's most cherished creatures. Due to the sharks' non-aggressive behavior and only eating other fish and plants, the Inque made it illegal to kill them, being afraid that it would drive them to be aggressive.

Only a few off-worlders and were allowed to take them off the planet and keep them as pets. Some of these beings are some of the Hutts, since they had signed treaty between the two species during the Old Republic. One of these Hutts is Fortiure Kajidii Kolluga the Hutt.

The Inque have even made a sanctuary for the Hammer Sharks, and one of these sanctuaries are in the Ancient Shark Lake in Sharkla. The Inque had made it illegal to kill, capture, hunt, sell, take them off the planet, and use them for food. But, somehow there are still some criminals and crime lords who have been able to take them off the planet and use then in the black market.


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