Hutt-Rakatan treaty
Date proposed

Circa or after 140 ABY

Proposed by



New Infinite Empire

Hutt Space

Key individuals

Over-Predor Ceh'lok

  • Rakatan forces are allowed to pass safely through Hutt Space
  • The Rakatans are not allowed to attack, enslave, or invade any planets owned by the Hutts
  • The Hutts can be allowed to have political power on planets found by the Rakata

A treaty between the Rakatan New Infinite Empire and the Hutts of the Hutt Grand Council was proposed by Over-Predor Ceh'lok so the Rakata could go through Hutt Space freely and unharmed. The treaty favored both sides, each giving them political power on conquered worlds and little-to-no threat of invasion(s).


This treaty was proposed by Over-Predor Ceh'lok of the reorganized Infinite Empire of the Rakata around or in 140 ABY to the Hutt Kajidiis of the Hutt Grand Council.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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