Hutt-Republic Treaty (Galactic War)

Related events

Conquest of Makeb

Hutt-Republic Treaty (Second Great Galactic War)
Hutt Cartel Alliance

Second Great Galactic War

Date proposed

3,640 BBY

Proposed by

Hutt Cartel leaders


Hutt Cartel

Galactic Republic

Key individuals

Hutt Cartel leaders

  • The Hutts have to aid the Republic in their cause
  • The Hutts will be given safe passage off the doomed planet of Makeb, in exchange for an alliance with the Republic

When Toborro the Hutt branded the other Cartel leaders as traitors, the Hutts were forced to sign a treaty to get a way off the doomed planet of Makeb. However, there was skepticism and hostility towards the Republic from the Cartel's lesser members, since they weren't in any endanger from any of the events on Makeb and therefore had no reason to sign the treaty.





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