Illip was a Hutt clan, or Kajidic. Dr. Juvard Illip Oggurobb was a member of this clan. The Illip kajidic had also several prominent force-sensitive bloodlines, in most particular, the Happuras.


The Illip clan was created prior to the Jedi Civil Wars and was involved in many high-class dealings and law cases with the Galactic Republic. The father of the Doctor Oggurobb was the leader of the Illip clan prior to the Second Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. However, at some point, either before or during the Makeb conflict in 3,640 BBY, the leader died and Dr. Oggurobb took over as leader or kajidii of the Hutt clan.

Years later, a group of Illip Hutts left the rest of the clan and went to Nebasco to run their business there. These groups of Hutts was led by Kuna Illip Uribb and was represented on the Nebasco Clan Council sometime around 1,940 BBY.

Around 60 ABY, during the Great Kajidic Wars the Illip Clan War started, which ended with the Illip clan splitting into two Kajidics: Illip and Fillip; which led to the Illip-Fillip War. However, the two clans were able to meet an agreement when a treaty was signed between the two clans, reuniting them into one again.


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