The Imperious-class Star Destroyer, also known as Advanced Star Destroyer,[1] was the designation given to the Imperial Star Destroyer Imperious, which was built during the Second Imperial Civil War for the Imperial Navy.


The Imperious-class was designed to make use of several especially large thrusters and sported a 'tailfin' similar to those of the Star Destroyers of the Galactic Republic. The class' command bridge was very similar in design to those of most Kuat Drive Yards warships, while spaced in pairs on its sloped superstructure were several towers of unknown purpose.[1]. Compared to the Pellaeon-class, the Imperious-class was larger and more powerful, as well as more efficient in the regulation of its power. It had better shielding to the point that it could take on the full firepower of the Outer Rim Third Fleet before begin to falter, armor, and weapons (which included gravity mines) allowing it to outgun any ship within the Imperial Fleet of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. In addition, the Imperious-class could be operated by a smaller crew. Generally, it was to the Pellaeon-class what the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer was to the preceding Imperial I-class.

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