Konahrik Blujic Yulo
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c. 20,000 BBY,[1] Varl

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Purple (with blue tattoos)[3]

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Konahrik Blujic Yulo, also known as Konahrik the Hutt, was a masculine Hutt and the husband of Kabbura the Great's younger sister, Arvocha Desilijic Fortiure. He formed the Blujic clan prior to the Hutt Cataclysms. During the Pawa Crisis, Konahrik played a major part in the events leading up to the defeat of Pawa the Traitor, and thus was one of the Hutts to create the galaxy-wide holiday, Pawa Stuka Day.


Early lifeEdit

Born around 20,000 BBY on the Hutt homeworld of Varl, Konahrik was the force-sensitive[1] son of a wealthy Hutt crime lord of the Hutt Empire. Like most of his species, Konahrik was a crime lord and became a member of the Hutt Empire that dominated the galaxy, becoming a ruling member of the Empire at its height. At some point, Konahrik formed a major criminal empire that expanded across Hutt territories and lasted even after the Hutt Cataclysms.[1]

Prior to the Hutt Cataclysms, Konahrik married Kabbura Desilijic Fortiure's sister, Arvocha, of whom gave birth to all of Konahrik's children. Shortly after his marriage to Arvocha, Konahrik founded the Blujic clan, taking the name "Konahrik Blujic Yulo". Also, after he married Arvocha, Kabbura gave the isotope-6 war droids Nebuli and Dopa as wedding gifts.[4][5]

Arok laughs

Konahrik's portrait in the halls of Kolluga's Palace.

Sometime before or after his marriage and the Cataclysms, Konahrik held the title of Cult Lord of the Five families of Varl, along with his old master, Zyvvrok, becoming one of the five leading members of the Cult of Varl.[6] At some point, the Grand Hutt Priest, Morguss, murdered the rulers of Agravar, forcing Konahrik and company to battle the mighty Hutt Priest, ultimately destroying his physical body by imprisoning his spirit or soul in a containment sphere within the Tomb of the Ancients.[7]

After the Hutt Cataclysms, the Hutt Empire was reorganized into Hutt Space, though large, it was it as prosperous as the old Hutt Empire, and Konahrik and his clan retreated to Evocar, which the Hutts bought from the local Evocii and renamed it Nal Hutta. At some point after the relocation, the Hutt Cartel was formed, which Konahrik joined, and he became a high-ranking member of the Cartel, along with Kabbura and several others.[1] Also, around this time, Konahrik was appointed the title of Clan-General of the Five Hutt families by the Conclave of Worms.

Pawa CrisisEdit

Conquest of ToydariaEdit

Main article: Conquest of Toydaria
Konahrik: "As you already know, Pawa the Traitor has returned to our galaxy and is out to destroy our race."
Budhila: "After the attack on my palace, we received a distress call from the King on Toydaria, who told us that an unknown force invaded his planet with war droids."
Kabbura: "And we need you to help the Toydarians regain their planet, since you're one of the few force-sensitives in the Hutt Cartel, and not to mention a highly decorated war-veteran of the Galactic War."
Konahrik: "Go to Toydaria, and meet with King Katuunko to discuss the battle plans and fight with the Toydarians."
―Konahrik and several others relaying the orders to the new recruit to go to Toydaria.[src]

Around 3,632 BBY, Pawa the Traitor invaded Hutt Space to destroy the Hutt empires and turn on the Devastator on Tatooine. Shortly after the attack on Budhila's Palace, the War Syndicate invaded Toydaria, a major planet in Hutt Space, prompting King Katuunko to contact Konahrik and the others of the Five Hutt families and request help.[3] Sometime later, Konahrik, Budhila, and Kabbura contacted the new recruit and relayed his orders to go to Toydaria and help Katuunko and the rebels fight the Syndicate.[3]

During the invasion of Toydaria, Konahrik and the recruit arrived on the planet to help Katuunko and the Toydarians fight the Syndicate. Konahrik would fight in many battles during the invasion, including the first and second battles of Toydaria.[3] Sometime after the Syndicate left the planet, Konahrik would play a key part in the planet's rebuilding efforts.

First Battle of ToydariaEdit
Main article: First Battle of Toydaria (Pawa Crisis)

Sometime after landing on Toydaria, Konahrik and the new recruit met King Katuunko, who informed them that one of the Toydarian government's spies reported that a legion of Toydarians, led by General Hutonok, have sided with Pawa in the invasion and that they plan on taking over the planet's capital. Konahrik then dismissed the recruit to discuss the battle plans with Katuunko.[3]

File:Oggurobb relays orders.jpg

After awhile, Konahrik requested the recruit's presence to relay his orders. After revealing their plan, Konahrik sent the recruit to meet with the rest of the army stationed outside the capital's palace for the First Battle of Toydaria.[8] During the battle, Konahrik contacted the recruit to inform him that the Syndicate had gotten past the palace's defenses and was then attacking it. Minutes later, Konahrik, Katuunko, the other high-ranking Hutt Cartel members, and the Toydarian council members were apprehended and taken to Hutonok's prison.[8]

Later, Konahrik and the others found out that the capital was then taken over by Hutonok.

Escaping Hutonok's PrisonEdit
Main article: Mission to Hutonok's prison

Shortly after Konahrik and the other Cartel military leaders and the Toydarian council were arrested and captured by Hutonok, Hutonok declared himself King of Toydaria and they were all put in his prison, located in the outskirts of the capital.[9] After several days of imprisonment, Konahrik and the others were being executed one-by-one, with a Hutt by the name of Raskurro being executed first.[9]

Just before Konahrik was about to be executed, the new recruit arrived and attacked the Syndicate droids, forcing them to stop the execution. During the ensuing confrontation, Konahrik used the Force to drag his lightsaber towards him and started to cut down the security droids, freeing his fellow prisoners.[9] Shortly after destroying all of the droids, Konahrik pointed his lightsaber and Katuunko pointed his sword towards Hutonok, who was trying to escape. While Konahrik was arresting and telling Hutonok his rights, a door opened and a group of war droids started to attack the group, allowing Hutonok to escape.[9]

After destroying the droids, Konahrik called for a Cartel ship to pick them up. While leaving on the ship, Konahrik ordered the pilot to shoot down the prison, of which he did so. Later, Konahrik and the others were dropped off at a base outside the capital, telling the new recruit that he was to then help an army of Toydarians and Hutt soldiers regain the capital.[9]

Second Battle of Toydaria and Hutonok's demiseEdit
Main article: Second Battle of Toydaria (Pawa Crisis)
Main article: Assault on Hutonok's Palace

During the second battle of Toydaria, Konahrik was first seen speaking to the new recruit via hologram about the battle plans and informed the recruit that once the fight outside the capital was over, Konahrik and Katuunko would meet with him to launch an assault on Hutonok's Palace.[10][11]

Once the battle was over, Konahrik and Katuunko met with the recruit outside Hutonok's Palace to launch an assault. Once the assault began, Konahrik had gotten out his lightsaber to battle against the isotope-6 war droids.[11] Once the large group had reached Hutonok's throne room, Konahrik ordered his droids to shoot at the Toydarian, but Hutonok used the Force to push and crush them. Konahrik and the others watched as a massive droid came out from behind his throne and started to shoot at the Cartel forces.[11] Eventually, the recruit destroyed the droid and Konahrik, Katuunko, and the recruit moved towards Hutonok to arrest him, but he took out a lightsaber and engaged in a duel with the three. During the duel, Konahrik tried to strike down Hutonok, but was force-pushed into a wall, knocking him unconscious.[11]

Once Konahrik gained consciousness, the duel was over and Hutonok was defeated. While they were about to arrest the Toydarian, Hutonok triggered a bomb, causing the palace to implode, prompting Konahrik and the others to retreat. Once they reached outside the palace, the group watched as the palace collapsed, burying and destroying Hutonok.[11] After the battle and the assault on Hutonok's palace, Konahrik stayed on Toydaria to help in the planet's rebuilding efforts.

Battle of Nal HuttaEdit

Main article: Battle of Nal Hutta (Pawa Crisis)
"This battle will be catastrophic if we do not win it. You! Go and find my droid, Nebuli, and go with him to meet up with Cartel forces!"
―Konahrik to the new recruit.[src]

Sometime after the invasion of Toydaria, Konahrik, along with Kabbura Desilijic Fortiure and several other leading Hutt figures who had considerable power among the Five Hutt families, met at the Hutt Council chambers inside Konahrik's Palace to talk about Pawa and the War Syndicate.[12] During the meeting, Konahrik raised the question of the location of the Key of Devastation, but Kabbura told him that it was the business of the Great Hutt Champio, not the business of the Hutt Grand Council, or at least not until the time was right.

During the meeting, a large explosion was heard, causing the entire room to shake, which prompted Konahrik and the others to contact the palace's exterior guards, whom informed them of the War Syndicate's assault on Nal Hutta.[12] Konahrik then advised for everyone, including the new recruit, to come with him to the throne room, where it was heavily guarded. Konahrik then ordered the recruit to meet up with his war droid, Nebuli, and to reach the Hutt Cartel's forces at Bilbousa, and aid them in defeating the War Syndicate.[12]

Oggurobb speaks with Toborro

Konahrik speaks with Archon Gorzo.

Shortly after Nebuli and the recruit left, Konahrik left the throne room and headed for the communications room inside his palace. Once there, Konahrik ordered the technicians to open a com-link with Archon Gorzo, of which they did, and Konahrik began to speak to Gorzo about the battle plans.[12] While discussing the battle plans, the recruit arrived with Nebuli and informed the Hutt Clan-General that the Syndicate forces at Bilbousa were too strong and that they would need something else that would do the damage. So, Konahrik communicated with Kabbura in the throne room via com-link and asked him if he any of his massive isotope-6 droids still worked, and, so, Kabbura summoned the massive Nibobo, one of the original isotope-6 droids created by Kabbura to protect the Fortiure clan.[12] Konahrik watched a holographic overview of the battle, which apparently across many others cities, such as Bilbousilga and Jiguuna.

After Nibobo destroyed the Syndicate forces, Konahrik sent the new recruit and Nebuli to travel with Nibobo to Jiguuna and Bilbousilga. After the battle ended, Konahrik joined the other Hutts inside the hangar bay, where they awaited for the arrival of the two droids and the recruit.[12]

Battle of InquaEdit

Main article: Battle of Inqua (Pawa Crisis)
Konahrik: "Your majesty, Queen Delta Clay, we think that Pawa the Traitor and his new War Syndicate will land on your planet and will try to take it over, and to destroy it. With your permission, we would like to land our forces on Inqua to protect our old Inque friends and the precious life that lives on Inqua's surfaces."
Delta: "Why, of course, Konahrik, my old friend. As long as there is no treaty-breaking involved in the "protection detail"."
Konahrik: "You have my word."
―Konahrik and Delta Clay discussing the Hutts and their forces landing on Inqua.[src]

At some point after the Battle of Nal Hutta, Konahrik and the other leading members of the Five Hutt families gathered together to look over the plans detailing the War Syndicate invasion on the holodiary gathered from the new recruit and Frenzy. They figured out that the Syndicate's next plan was to takeover the planet, destroy it with a new type of laser gun, and then head towards Inq Hutta and destroy it, along with one of Hutt Space's major trade routes.[13] Once reaching Inqua's capital, Sharkla, Konahrik and the new recruit reached Inqua's royal palace and informed Queen Delta Clay of the Syndicate's plans, the Inqua Republic became joined the fight against the Syndicate.

Soon, the Syndicate launched an assault on Inqua and several large isotope-6 droids were sent down to the planet's surface, attacking the capital. During the battle, Konahrik ordered the new recruit to get into one of the Inque starfighters and go to the Syndicate's command ship and destroy it and the new laser weapon; Konahrik and Clay then continued to retreat down into the palace's lower levels towards the communications center.[13] As soon as the recruit made his way into space, Konahrik and Clay contacted him to tell him how to work all of the weapons in the starfighter and where the Syndicate's laser gun's weak point was located. Eventually, the recruit destroyed the laser weapon and the command ship and reached the Inqua Palace. Konahrik and Budhila then met up with the recruit to inform him that they are to go to Inq Hutta and stop the Syndicate from digging a hole to the planet's core and destroying the planet.[13]

Battle of KajidicaEdit

Main article: Battle of Kajidica
"The Syndicate's next target is Inq Hutta, where they will go to Kajidica, dig a whole to the planet's core, and plant a massive bomb in it, destroying the planet, and one of Hutt Space's major trading routes. We will go to Kajidica and protect the core."
―Konahrik to the new recruit.[src]

Once they reached Inq Hutta, they were almost immediately attacked by Syndicate war ships, and were forced to retreat into escape pods. Once Konahrik, Budhila, Delta Clay, and the new recruit got into a(n) escape pod, Konahrik contacted the weapons center on the ship and to tell them to launch all fighters and send them to the planet, then to have all of the land units to magnetize to the ship and to shoot at the parts of the ship they were on, taking them down to the planet when the debris fell towards the surface.[14]

Once the escape pod crashed on the planet and landed near Kajidica, Konahrik and the others met up with the surviving land units from the crash and marched towards the city to protect it. Once reaching the city, they found it underattack by the War Syndicate and immediately rushed towards safety.[14] During the ensuing battle, Konahrik took out his lightsaber and fought against the Syndicate war droids invading the planet. While he was destroying the droids, Konahrik was contacted by Archon Gorzo, who informed him that when his fleet reached the Inqua system, they found that massive Inque warships were attacking the Syndicate ships, destroying most of it; however, at the same time, they were getting a huge isotope-reading from the Syndicate command ship and that something was about to be launched towards the planet.[14] Konahrik and the others looked up towards the sky and saw a massive droid being shot down towards the surface, and started to drill into the ground. Konahrik then ordered the new recruit to take one of his isotope-6 droids, Dopa, and to go down into the hole and follow and destroy the droid.[14]

After awhile, Konahrik and the others witnessed a massive explosion come from the hole, and later, the recruit came up as well along with Dopa. The recruit informed the Konahrik and the others the he destroyed the droid before it reached the core and that it should probably taken out of the hole.[14] Konahrik smiled at the last comment and ordered for a team to go down to the hole and to retrieve the droid; later, he ordered for the hole to be covered back up with dirt.

Retrieval of the Key of DevastationEdit

Main article: Mission to Varl

Sometime after the Battle of Kajidica, Kabbura informed Konahrik and the others of the Five Hutt families that he would be taking the new recruit to the Tomb of the Ancients on Varl to prove that the recruit is the Great Hutt Champio and to retrieve the Key of Devastation.[15] Sometime after Kabbura and the others left, Kabbura and Oggurobb returned with the Key of Devastation, along with a holodiary with scanned readings of the ancient Hutt hieroglyphs from the tomb, which would detail the Great Hutt War in 800 ABY.[15][16] After several days of the Great Hutt Champio not returning, Konahrik and the others contacted their spy within the War Syndicate and found out that Pawa captured the Great Hutt Champio and his crew and they are now on Tatooine. Shortly after this, Konahrik and the others sent Kabbura's war droid, Scorpio, to go to Tatooine and break out Champio and the Great Hutt Champio.[3]

Shortly after this, Konahrik and the Hutt Grand Council were contacted by the Great Hutt Champio, prompting the Hutt Council and the Hutt Cartel forces to go to Tatooine, where they would destroy the Devastator.[3]

Battle of TatooineEdit

Main article: Battle of Tatooine (Pawa Crisis)
Pawa: "So, you must be the mighty Konahrik? I will enjoy seeing you and your brother-in-law's bodies set a flame by my Devastator!"
Konahrik: "You dare threaten me, you pile of scrap?!"
Pawa threatening Konahrik.[src]

Once Konahrik arrived on Tatooine, along with his brother-in-law Kabbura, and the infamous Dr. Juvard Illip Oggurobb, he met up with the Great Hutt Champio and the isotope-6 droids protecting him, in the outskirts of Mos Eisley.[17] Konahrik stood and listened with Kabbura as Oggurobb explained the plan to the Great Hutt Champio and the others and revealed that they would need to get to the Devastator before Pawa did, plant the Key into the Devastator and have Champio destroy it.[17]

Shortly after learning the plan, a group of War Syndicate war droids attacked Mos Eisley in search for the Key and the Great Hutt Champio. During the ensuing battle, Konahrik ordered Nebuli to carry out his duty to protect them and to destroy the attacking droids.[17] Eventually, several Syndicate droids got past their defenses and reached the Hutts and the Great Hutt Champio, so, Konahrik took out his lightsaber from his walking stick and started to strike down the droids; Konahrik then contacted the rest of Cartel's forces via com-link and informed them that the Syndicate was attacking and that they would need more soldiers.[17] Eventually, more Hutt Cartel soldiers and droids arrived and landed near Konahrik's location. Soon, the Archon Gorzo arrived and informed Konahrik and the others that the Syndicate has launched a massive attack on the entire planet and that more help would not be coming to assist them for awhile due to the other campaigns around the planet.[17]

After awhile, Konahrik ordered one of the Cartel soldiers to take a rocket launcher and aim it at Pankpa and fire it at him. However, Pankpa hid behind another Syndicate droid, causing the missile to hit the other instead.[17] Konahrik and the others watched as Pankpa transformed into a spaceship and launched into space; when the others were about to get into their starfighters to go after him, Konahrik told them that it would useless, as he would already be out of the system by the time they tried to reach him.[17] Konahrik then watched as the other massive isotope-6 droids retreated, but he knew that they would need to get Champio to destroy the Devastator as soon as possible.

Eventually, the droids returned, this time with Pawa, and Konahrik and Kabbura began to take out their lightsabers again and continued to strike down more droids. Soon, Champio managed to wound one of the droids guarding Pawa and destroy the other; however, Pawa appeared and wounded Champio, but Konahrik watched as Kabbura ordered Scorpio to attack Pawa, and he did so.[17] While Scorpio wounded Pawa, Konahrik ordered the Great Hutt Champio to get behind him and Kabbura. However, Pawa soon injured Scorpio and threw him to a different section of Mos Eisley; Pawa then picked up the Great Hutt Champio from behind the two Hutts and took the Key from him. Once Pawa put the Great Hutt Champio down, he turned towards Konahrik and Kabbura and threatened the both of them, but they both rebuffed him.[17]

Konahrik then watched as Pawa transported himself to the Devastator, which was now covered by a Huttese pyramid. Konahrik then listened in on to the new plan to trick Pawa into shooting the Devastator, and afterwards, Konahrik informed Azalus, Nibobo, and the Great Hutt Champio that he and Oggurobb would be inside the new pulse cannon and would open fire at Pawa and the Devastator while Azalus, Nibobo, and the Great Hutt Champio made their way to the Devastator. [17] Soon, Konahrik and Oggurobb charged up the cannon and aimed it at Pawa, but when they shot, one of the Syndicate droids jumped in front of him, and he was hit instead. Eventually, the Great Hutt Champio fulfilled his destiny, with the help of Nibobo and Azalus, and destroyed the terror of Pawa and the Devastator.[17]

Afterwards, as a part of celebration, Konahrik and the others ordered their droids to tear apart and fire at the body of Pawa the Traitor. During the massive droid's disembodiment, Konahrik looked behind him towards the Devastator and saw Blastoh and Pankpa looking towards their fallen master and turned into spaceships and flew away.[17] Several hours later, Konahrik and the other Hutts congratulated the Great Hutt Champio on fulfilling his destiny and created a galaxy-wide Huttese holiday known as Pawa Stuka Day, roughly translating to "Pawa Death" in Huttese, to commemorate the day that the Great Hutt Champio defeated the evil known as Pawa and the War Syndicate.[3]

Shadow WarEdit

Great Kajidic WarsEdit

During the Blujic Clan War, one of the many Hutt clan civil wars, Konahrik first appeared before the Hutt Grand Council via hologram and informed that the Blujic clan was starting to break into two and they needed reinforcements at Blujic Palace on Nal Hutta.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

File:Oggurobb-Republic base.jpg
"Konahrik the Hutt is a high-ranking force-sensitive member and the founder of the Blujic clan, not to mention one of the former leaders of the Hutt Empire and a leading member of the Hutt Cartel. Some years prior to the Hutt Cataclysms, Konahrik married Kabbura the Great's sister, Arvocha, of which shortly after, he came up with the idea of creating the Blujic clan, taking on the name of 'Konahrik Blujic Yulo'. With his quick-wits, self-preservation skills, and his strong sense in the Force, Konahrik has been able to preserve his massive criminal empire for thousands of years. And since the Hutt Cataclysms, Konahrik was awarded the title of Clan-General of the Five Hutt families and given a position on the Hutt Council, and since then, he has gained even more power. However, with the return of Pawa the Traitor, all that Konahrik has worked for is now endangered and he must use all of his resources and military forces in his empire to help the new Cartel recruit in destroying the War Syndicate."
―Codex entry on Konahrik.[src]



Main article: Konahrik's Palace

Konahrik owned a palace on Nal Hutta just outside of Bilbousa, the planet's capital. This palace was base of operations for his massive criminal empire[1] and was the location of the Hutt Council chambers during the Old Republic era. This palace held a large hangar bay inside it, as well as a(n) communications center, prison cells, and a weapons/armament room.[3]

Servants and bodyguardsEdit

Konahrik had a number of servants and bodyguards under his employment, including a majordomo of an unnamed species, several Twi'lek and Togruta dancers/servants, and several force-sensitive Nikto and Aqualish bodyguards.

War droidsEdit

Main article: Nebuli
Main article: Dopa

Nebuli, one of Konahrik's war droids.

Konahrik owned two isotope-6 war droids by the names of Nebuli and Dopa, which became two of his most prized possessions.[4][5]


Main article: Konahrik's lightsaber

Konahrik owned an orange-bladed lightsaber that he used before, during, and after the Pawa Crisis. Konahrik was first seen with this lightsaber during the Battle of Inqua when he had it hidden inside his walking stick.[17]


Like many other Hutts during the Old Republic era that worked with technology and computers, Konahrik owned a computer interface visor that he wore over his right eye. Unlike other visors, Konahrik was blue instead of green and would hardly ever be seen without it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Besides Kabbura Desilijic Fortiure, and possibly Juvard, Konahrik was the only known Hutt who was able to stay alive for over 20,000 years, by the time of the Great Kajidic Wars. It is possible that he was able to use the Force to keep himself alive, as it was said that, like Kabbura, he was very strong in the Force.

Unlike his Fortiure clan counterpart Kabbura, none of Konahrik's descendants were force-sensitive, except for Skocha Blujic Yulo,[18] as well as Arko Blujic Yulo, and eventually, his descendants.[19]

Konahrik is one of the few known Hutts to own a lightsaber, with some of the few notable others being Kabbura Desilijic Fortiure, Beldorion, Oruba Desilijic Fortiure, Arko Blujic Yulo, Kolluga Desilijic Fortiure, and Arok Desilijic Fortiure.



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