Kor Fa'athra
Astrographical information

Hutt Space


Kor Fa'athra system

Physical information
Primary terrain
  • History:
    • Forests
    • Lakes
  • Modern:
    • None
Points of interest
Societal information
Native species
  • History:
  • Modern:
    • None
Major exports



Kor Fa'athra was the throneworld of the Fa'athra Hutt clan years prior to the Isotope War. Around 903 ABY, at the end of the Battle of Kor Fa'athra, Sunrai the Hutt launched an isotope-6 missile at the core of the planet (since he had drilled to just outside of the barrier in case he failed), which caused a series of massive explosions and earthquakes throughout the planet, releasing lava to devour the surface. In the end, the planet's core had finally erupted and destroyed the planet, causing a massive pulse to move and destroy some of the Hutt fleet and the rest of the system. As a result of the destruction of the ancient Hutt colony, the Fa'athra and Besadii clans were evicted from Hutt territories for six months, stopping their operations within the sector, with most going to Huttese jails.



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