The Lake of Hutta was the biggest lake on Nal Hutta and was politically controlled by the Hutt Grand Council. The Lake of Hutta was Bilbousilga's largest lake and it surrounded the city. In the lake were several Hammer Sharks from Inqua that protected the lake from any dangerous aquatic species and criminals that entered into the city.

During the Yam'rii-Hutt War in 100 ABY, the Yam'rii had put disease-infected Frist sharks in the lake, but they didn't get far enough because a few of the Hammer Sharks ate them and there were Cartel tanks tha shot and killed the infectious sharks. The remaining Yam'rii were chased into the lake by the Hutts and were eaten by the Hammer Sharks at the end of the battle. However, the disease afflicted much of the wild life and citizens but it was soon eradicated by Doctor Oggurobb and the Galactic Republic's scientific community.