The Liberator-class cruiser, also Liberator Cruiser, was a powerful frontline capital ship designed by the SoroSuub Corporation to combat piracy. Although slender and small in size, the cruiser boasted a formidable array of weaponry comprising more than four hundred combined turbolaser and ion cannon batteries, and could carry a complement of six starfighter squadrons and three troop regiments. Utilized by both the Sullustan Home Guard and the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, the Liberator featured cutting-edge armor plating, shielding, and drive unit technology that made it one of the galaxy's most advanced warships.


The Liberator-class cruiser,[2] also known as the Liberator Cruiser,[3] was a well-armed capital ship[2] manufactured by the[1] Sullustan–run[2] SoroSuub Corporation. Although diminutive in size,[1] the Liberator-class cruiser bristled with offensive firepower,[3] including 240 heavy turbolaser batteries—forty each positioned fore and aft, and eighty each both port and starboard—and 200 ion cannons—forty positioned fore, and eighty along each side of the ship.[1]

The Liberator's slender body disguised its capacity to carry up to six starfighter squadrons and three troop regiments. The cruiser was also equipped with a hyperdrive. Irregularly hexagonal in shape, the Liberator's prow extended in twin slanted mandibles, at the recessed center of which lay two exposed launch bays.[1] With excellent shielding,[3] state-of-the-art hull armor, and new drive unit technology, the Liberator-class cruiser stood as one of the most advanced warships in the galaxy.


Designed as an antipiracy vessel, the Liberator-class cruiser was built to take on entire armadas of small pirate craft[2] and proved effectively capable of frontline space combat. While formidable against other enemy capital ships, the Liberator tended to be somewhat vulnerable to attacking starfighters.

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