This article is about the reorganized Infinite Empire. You may be looking for the dominate empire prior to the Hutt Empire and the Galactic Republic.
Infinite Empire
New Infinite Empire
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Many years after 37 ABY[3]


Legacy era

The New Infinite Empire was the reorganized Infinite Empire during the Legacy era. Under the rule of Over-Predor Skal'tias, the empire was in the Unknown Regions and in small parts of the Outer Rim; though, under Ceh'lok's rule, the empire had spread across into Hutt Space and the Mid Rim.


Early historyEdit

Some years after 37 ABY, the former Rakatan Jedi Skal'tias banded together with his younger siblings — which included Ceh'lok, Tul'knak, Goshta, and Irshota — and formed the New Infinite Empire, making Lehon and the Rakata Sector its capital.[1]

The Rakata reestablished the titles Over-Predor, Predor, and Sub-Predor, which governed the Empire. The first Over-Predor was Skal'tias, who brought an age of prosperity to the Infinite Empire. For years, Skal'tias' leadership led the Empire into a golden age, but as he grew older, he became more foolish and arrogant, almost causing the second demise of the Infinite Empire. Though, before Skal'tias could inflict any permanent damage on the Empire, he died in 140 ABY.[1] Shortly after Skal'tias' death, his younger brother Ceh'lok took control of the Infinite Empire, bringing another golden age and age of prosperity to the empire.

Eventually, Ceh'lok would conquer many worlds through peace negotiations, most through promises of the leaders of certain worlds gaining political power on other conquered worlds, such as the Hutts, Inque, and Cobralis, who all accepted this offer.[4]

Rakata–Sith WarEdit

Main article: Rakata–Sith War


Notes and referencesEdit

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