Galactic War

Pawa Crisis

Across Hutt Space and the Lotar galaxy[1]

Major battles

War Syndicate[1]


The Pawa Crisis was a war fought between the Hutts and the War Syndicate from the Lotar galaxy.


Around 20,000 BBY, Pawa the Traitor built the almost indestructible Devastator on Tatooine to wipe out every known Hutt in the galaxy, but was stopped by Azalus and Nibobo, forcing him to retreat to an unknown galaxy. Once reaching the planet of Lotar in the Lotar system, Pawa enslaved the local population, creating the War Syndicate in the process.[3] With his War Syndicate, Pawa was able to build massive armies of isotope-6 war droids, going across the galaxy with the armies, destroying any rival companies and empires that dominated the Lotar galaxy.[3]

By 3,632 BBY, Pawa's War Syndicate was large enough to invade the neighboring galaxy and destroy the reorganized Hutt Empire. Some months after the signing of the Hutt-Inque Treaty, Pawa invaded Hutt Space, with his first task in attacking the palace of the current Kajidii of the Fortiure clan, Budhila Desilijic Fortiure.[1]

The warEdit

Assault on Budhila's PalaceEdit

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Conquest of ToydariaEdit

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Shortly after the attack on Budhila's Palace, the War Syndicate invaded Toydaria, the home of the Toydarians.

Mission to LotarEdit

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Hours after the Pawa Crisis ended, the high-ranking members of the Five Hutt families, including Kabbura Desilijic Fortiure, Konahrik Blujic Yulo, Budhila Desilijic Fortiure, and Juvard Illip Oggurobb, requested the presence of the Great Hutt Champio on Nal Hutta, where they awarded him the Saber of Champio for his conquering the War Syndicate and destroying Pawa.[1] In tribute to the Great Hutt Champio and the destruction of Pawa, the Hutts created Pawa Stuka Day, roughly translating to "Pawa Death" day in Huttese.

It was said that the Pawa Crisis destroyed much of Hutt Space, weakening the Hutts' control on the galaxy. And any surviving Syndicate droids were either destroyed, enslaved, or escaped back to the Lotar galaxy.[1] Also, the Hutts later aided the Toydarians in rebuilding their homeworld.



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