Biological classification




Physical characteristics
Skin color
  • Grey
  • Jet black
Eye color
  • Grey
  • Black

Scorpion-like body[3]

Average lifespan

200+ standard years[1]

Sociocultural characteristics







The Scorpiox was a predator-like semi-sentient creature that roamed and ruled the planet Varl along with another extinct creature pre-dating the age of the Infinite Empire, but was rendered extinct thousands of years before the Rakatans infested the galaxy. Kajidii Kabbura Desilijic Fortiure designed and built Scorpio to look and act like the Scorpiox.

However, years later, Huttese scientists on Varl were able to take DNA from the bones of the Scorpiox and regenerate and clone their bodies, using them as pets and guards in their palaces, with dozens being released into the wild swamps of Varl. Around 15,000 BBY, when the Hutt Cataclysms resulted in the devastation of Varl, the remaining wild Scorpiox went extinct when isotope-6 evaporated every single living thing on Varl, with only a small amount of Scorpiox pets made it off the planet.

Konahrik Blujic Yulo was known to have kept one as a pet.

Biology and appearanceEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

In the codex entry in Vengeance of Pawa, the Scorpiox was only identified as an extinct predator on Varl. However, in Hutts: The Extinction Effect, Part 1, which detailed the Hutt Cataclysms, the unidentified extinct predator was identified as the "Scorpiox".



Notes and referencesEdit

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