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Unknown planet in the Rakatan Archipelago


c. 40 ABY or later[1]


140 ABY, Lehon

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Legacy era


Sotara (Jedi master)


Skal'tias was a male Rakatan force-sensitive during the time of the reorganized Infinite Empire. The second eldest son of Rakatan Jedi Master Sotara, Skal'tias was once a {{SW|Padawan|Jedi padawan]] trained by his father, but left when he and his younger siblings started the new Infinite Empire in the Unknown Regions.


Born some years prior to or early during the Legacy era, Skal'tias was the second eldest son of Rakatan Jedi Master Sotara and his wife, Crosat. Born on an unknown planet in the Rakatan Archipelago, Skal'tias went to the Jedi Temple for training at the age of three or four and eventually attained the rank of Padawan.[2]

During his training, he became the apprentice of his father, Sotara. At some point, Skal'tias also crafted a lightsaber, and used it in many battles.[2] At some point, Skal'tias left the Jedi Order and joined his younger siblings in creating the reorganized Infinite Empire, which was located throughout the Unknown Regions, and eventually in small parts of the Outer Rim.[2]

During his rule of the Infinite Empire, Skal'tias brought an age of prosperity, in his younger years, but in his older years, he became arrogant and foolish, almost causing the Empire a second demise. However, once he got to a great age, Skal'tias died and one of his younger siblings took his place as leader of the Empire, and expanded the Empire even further into the Outer Rim than Skal'tias himself could have done.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

  1. It can be said that Skal'tias was born around 40 ABY because he and all of his siblings were born in the Legacy era
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