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Star Wars: Hutts: Vengeance of Pawa
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BioWare Austin

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Release date

June, 2013

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple iOS/Mac

Old Republic era


3,632 BBY

Base game

Star Wars: Hutts

Previous expansion

Rise of the Kajidics

Next expansion

Cult of Varl

Star Wars: Hutts: Vengeance of Pawa was the second digital expansion in the video game adaption of the Hutts comic book series.

It was released in June of 2013, with Hutts: Pawa Crisis available with it if pre-ordered and available by itself after pre-order. Two months later, in August, its successor expansion, Cult of Varl, was released. In the expansion, being the beginning of a new timeline in the Hutts series, it started out with the player training, like the base game.

The expansion also started the Hutts as a playable species, along with a whole new storyline, where the player would start out as a low-ranking crime lord (for easy and medium settings) or a high-ranking crime lord (for hard settings) that would try to rise even higher through that Hutt's kajidic, engaging in rival and clan wars, plotting assassinations, buying and selling merchandise, and, based upon the Hutt agility level the player uses when creating the character, can battle using weapons and participate in missions. The highest position a player could receive while playing as a Hutt was to gain a position on the Hutt Grand Council and controlling a massive criminal empire. A month after the expansion's release, the option was available throughout every single preceding and succeeding expansions, and the base game for free.Also, the option to turn into a Cobralis clan leader was available for the Ssrskar storyline as of 2014.




Major additionsEdit

Lotar, Toydaria, Varl, Inq HuttaEdit

The Vengeance of Pawa's central theme locations are Nal Hutta, Tatooine, and Inqua, with the addition of four new planets: Toydaria, Varl, Inq Hutta, and Lotar, with the latter being a new addition to the Star Wars saga.

Storyline: Kajidan RisingEdit


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