The TIE/gt starfighter was a ground-targeting bomber manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems.


The TIE/gt fighter was part of the TIE Series of starfighters manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems.[1] Physically similar to the standard TIE/LN starfighter with a ball cockpit and hexagonal solar power panels, the TIE/gt had an enlarged[3] and reinforced hull, as well as an elongated cockpit to accommodate the starfighter's ordnance bay.[4]

The TIE/gt was armed with a single laser cannon, and a concussion missile launcher[3] which was designed to be modular[4] to handle variable mission payloads.[1] Standard TIE/gt fighter payloads consisted of twelve concussion missiles, but the launcher could handle other speciality payloads, including six proton torpedoes, eighteen air-deployed mines, two cluster bombs, or 20,000 plastic leaflets[2] for use during propaganda campaigns.[4]

TIE/gt fighters achieved precise targeting by operating alongside TIE/fc starfighters, which provided the bombers with pinpoint target information.[4] Larger targets, such as buildings[2] or capital ships[4] could be hit without external assistance.

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