The Thranta-class corvette, also known as a CR-12 corvette[4], was a corvette in service with the Republic Navy during the Great Galactic War.


The ship class was similar in appearance to the earlier Praetorian-class frigate and Hammerhead-class cruiser models.[2]

The Thranta-class was the workhorse of the Republic Navy, being produced in large numbers to take the place of the Hammerhead-class cruiser of the Jedi Civil War and the Praetorian-class frigate of the Great Sith War. It was slightly smaller than the Hammerhead-class cruiser but was completely dwarfed by the premier warship of the Republic Navy during the Great Galactic War and Cold War, the Valor-class cruiser.

The crew of these ships was similar to that of a Hammerhead-class cruiser but the exact number is undetermined.

The Thranta-class Corvette possessed two main heavy dual turbolasers mounted in the forward position similar to that of the Hammerhead-class cruiser and numerous turbolasers and missile launchers throughout its hull, making it deadly to enemy ships and allowing it to inflict major amount of damage. There is a more heavily modified type of this ship class allowing it to take on a fleet of corvettes and heavy frigates and win against them before the onset of the Great Galactic War. Unlike the standard variant, this one was not widely used by the Galactic Republic. The armament of this ship's class was powerful enough for it to match the fire power of a Gage-class transport or a Terminus-class destroyer, but lacked the firepower to go head to head against the Harrower-class Dreadnought and heavier warships. To compensate for this, they were grouped together using pack tactics to take down larger vessels.

Thranta-class Corvettes hold two hangars on the port and starboard sides of the of the ship allowing it hold 24 Liberator-class Republic starfighters to counter the MK. VII advanced interceptors, as well as a number of shuttles; to protect the hanger and the personnel against the vacuum of space, a shield is activated over the opening and it is also suspected that during space battles this opening can be sealed off to prevent boarding. This class also held a number of boarding pods that would punch through the hull of enemy ships.

These ships carried an entire battalion of Republic troopers and if needed a team of Jedi Knights as well as war droids and transports for reinforcements.

The Thranta-class Corvette is powered by a type-4 Hypermatter annihilator located directly within the bowels of the ship, with power running through it to destroy itself and half of a fleet if the restraints keeping it stable are released.

For sublight propulsion, the Thranta-class relied on an array of four banks of two sublight ion engines while having two hyperspace ion engines for additional thrust in emergency situations.

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